Appsbar hits 100,000 Facebook Fans!

Appsbar’s Facebook Page just hit 100,000 fans. We would like to thank each and every one of you who have used appsbar to build yourself or your business a professional app- completely for free. From all of us at appsbar we say..

Launched in 2011, Appsbar opens up the mobile marketing category for small and medium-size businesses, artists and musicians, and individuals who want to create in that space. Appsbar has done this by removing the two largest barriers; cost and programming expertise. Appsbar is doing for mobile apps what companies like Intuit and Blogger have done for novices looking to publish websites and blogs. To date, Appsbar has grown to over 500,000 users to become the most popular app building platform in the world.

In September of 2013, appsbar added mobile capabilities, allowing users to create, edit and publish apps directly from a smartphone or tablet.

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Renewable energy

During these hard times it is important that we save conserve and minimize our carbon footprint. Our homes can be the first place that we begin.

Renewable energy is energy that comes from natural resources such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves and geothermal heat.

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Health & Fitness

Karate - This is the most common and well-known form of martial arts. Karate is a great way to tone and strengthen the upper body. In karate, an individual uses the hands, feet, and elbows for self-defense.

The term martial arts has become heavily associated with the fighting arts of eastern Asia, but was originally used in regard to the combat systems of Europe as early as the 1550s. An English fencing manual of 1639 used the term in reference specifically to the “Science and Art” of swordplay. The term is ultimately derived from Latin, and means “Arts of Mars,” where Mars is the Roman god of war. Some martial arts are considered ‘traditional’ and are tied to an ethnic, cultural or religious background, while others are modern systems developed either by a founder or an association.

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Invisible umbrella

One might say the standard umbrella is already perfectly designed — compact, resistant to all but very strong winds, and it generally keeps your top half dry. The kind of storm in which an umbrella wouldn’t do the job is the kind of storm where nothing other than staying inside would help. A new umbrella design by Je Sung Park and Woo Jung Kwon aims to not only change the umbrella’s core design, but to make it adjustable given the power of a storm.

Called the Air Umbrella, the concept removes the plastic top from the umbrella and replaces it with a wind shield. The design of the Air Umbrella calls for air to be sucked through the bottom, then shot out of the top in a pattern that mimics the standard canopy. Power and canopy size controls reside toward the bottom of the shaft, providing users with the ability to strengthen the force of the air and widen the canopy in order to adjust for heavier rains. Not only would these features protect against storms when a standard umbrella normally may not, but the air curtain has a better chance to survive strong winds than a flimsy nylon covering. Removing the canopy also dispenses with minutes shaking all of the water off before you bring it inside.  The Air Umbrella is also designed with a simple adjustable handle, so the user can rest their arm at whatever height they desire when holding the umbrella, an option left out of standard umbrellas.

Though still a concept and assuming the wind curtain is actually strong enough, the design has one pretty significant flaw — battery life. If a storm is particularly strong, the highest power output and widest curtain could conceivably drain the battery quickly, while a longer trek through the rain would significantly drain the battery as well. What happens when you trek through the rain , use a significant portion of the battery, then it’s still raining on the way home? It’ll be annoying to have to carry extra batteries or a charger.

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R&R Destinations

In Barcelona a stylish welcome awaits guests at this contemporary hotel. Comfort, tranquillity and first-class facilities and services are paramount here. There are 186 beautifully furnished bedrooms, of which 22 are suites, all offering both traditional and modern home comforts. The spacious restaurant has a capacity for 200 diners and there are three private rooms available for a more intimate dining experience. The hotel also has two cafés, ideal for relaxing or social gatherings.

In Italy Cristal Hotel sits in a refined, modern building with a unique atmosphere and great attention to interior design, located in the heart of Eboli, a quiet, pleasant town in Campania. The hotel perfectly blends with the well-kept historic center, yet boasting a most distinguished look. Enjoy its central location, allowing you to experience the typical southern-Italian way of life: walk on the main commercial promenade, eating a delicious ice cream cone and occasionally stopping at a bar for an ice cold beer. Relax in the radiant and hospitable atmosphere provided by the bright colors of the rooms and the halls. In the evenings plan your next day trip in the interesting surroundings, including the coastline (6 miles) and the amazing archeological sites of Paestum and Ercolano.

In Kenya Eka Hotel Nairobi is the new hotel along Nairobi’s Mombasa road, offering new heights in contemporary Comfort, Convenience, and Efficiency. Located just 5km from the city centre with easy access to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Wilson Airport, Nairobi National Park, most Corporate, Government and Diplomatic offices, Eka Hotel is the ideal venue to host your guest and events. The rooms at Eka Nairobi are designed and equipped with the latest in-room technology and present the perfect environment to work, relax and enjoy. Two restaurants in the hotel offer the freshest flavours of locally sourced produce.


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Segway vacations

Any unique city demands a one-of-a-kind way to tour it. And a fun Segway day or night tour is the answer!. Each guest is issued a compact radio receiver so they don’t miss a detail of what the guide is saying about each site we pass.

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Mike Brown FIRED!

You read that correctly the L.A. Lakers have fired their coach Mike Brown after only 5 games this season! It has hit people around the league hard and some like Stan Van Gundy who said: “The most ridiculous firing in the history of the NBA.” Magic Johnson tweeted: “Feel bad for Coach Mike Brown, who’s a great guy, but don’t think he was the right guy for the job in the first place.” A case can be made that Mike Brown wasn’t the right guy for the job or that Kobe Bryant did not want the change from the triangle offense. Not to mention Dwight Howard who is infamous for getting coaches canned. Former Laker  champion and great Shaquille O’Neal tweeted: “Did mike brown really get fired. Geeeeez. Dammmmmmmmm Wow Bring on Brian shaw.” It will be interesting to see what does happen in the meantime go to appcatch and download a Lakers fan app or go to appsbarand create one! Until then check out these NBA memes already floating around the web.